I'm Into That: The Backyard Edition

posted on: Friday, March 21, 2014

Maybe it's the promise of spring, because lord knows it's still cold and dreary here in Ohio, but I've been pinning backyard inspiration like crazy lately.

Brian and I have made it our summer mission to get our backyard in tip top shape this year so we can actually use it.

We would love to turn the windows in our breakfast room into french doors that open up to a small deck in our backyard.

House and Home on Mrs. Blandings

We would also love to add a brick patio towards the back of our yard for either a dining space or a less formal seating arrangement.

Our yard has a lot of large trees so not ideal for a lush garden, but I love the idea of a free form sort of container garden.

 We love spending time outside and love having a large yard and a wrap around front porch.  We're really excited to take on a lot (if not all) of this project this year so we can really utilize our space more and entertain in our own backyard!

Guest Room Project: The Final Design Package

posted on: Thursday, March 20, 2014

On Monday we talked about the different paint, rug, lighting, etc options I had been considering for our guest room project and I showed you a few of the design boards I put together to help me visualize the space.  Well, I've narrowed down the options and put together a final package that includes a design board, floor plan, and to do list.

Here's the design board:

I decided to go with Benjamin Moore's Smoke Embers on three of the walls with Benjamin Moore's Graphite (which we used in our master bedroom) on the focal wall with the gold hand painted pattern. The ceiling will be in Benjamin Moore's Elephant Pink which I have used in two different rooms before with much success.

All of the major elements of this room are items we already have.  The iron bed from Ikea and the campaign style nightstand were used at our last house.  Brian's parents passed on a large and lovely red floral rug which I think would pair really well with the black and white striped rug from Dwell Studio that we had used in our living room before.  We will be upgrading the lighting, reupholstering an old wingback chair and adding in some new decor pieces.

As far as layout goes, I have decided to go with my first thought which is the bed on the wall to the right when you walk in the room:

It will certainly be a cozy fit getting all the various pieces in there, but I like that, especially for a guest room.

The final component of the design package, is master list of  to-dos, DIY projects, and resources. For this space I don't really have a resource list as we are re-purposing what we already have right down to the fabric for the chair. But if you ever work with me on a design project you would get a full list of the suggested pieces and where to get them.

To Do:
- paint ceiling
- paint walls
- hand draw gold pattern
- lay down rugs
- move bed
- install new ceiling fan
- install new sconce
- add hardware to painted dresser
- new hardware for nightstand
- have wingback chair reupholstered
- bring in secretary desk
- hang new curtains
- hang art

DIY Projects:
- refurbish ceiling fan
- paint dresser
- gold leaf mirror

Guest Room Design Boards and Floor Plan

posted on: Monday, March 17, 2014

Last month I wrote about our guest room project, goals for the space, and inspiration.  After I brainstorm and pull inspiration for a space, I start to narrow down my ideas, finalize keys pieces, and pull together design boards to help me visualize the layers and different elements of a room.

As you will see from the boards below, I have narrowed down a color palette and some of the key elements of the space.  This room will be a case study in using what you got.  We already have the bed and nightstand.  The dresser is a DIY project I worked on last summer (which I will share here too) and the secretary desk is a piece we are holding onto for my lovely sister-in-law Megs while she is off on an adventure. The details are all up for grabs at this point.

The first option is to paint three of the walls in Benjamin Moore's Smoke Embers and the focal wall with the gold painted pattern in Benjamin Moore's graphite.  The ceiling will be a very pale pink to add a little glow to the space. The dresser is painted in Benjamin Moore's Blue Danube.  In this board, I've added in our black and white striped rug and a brass industrial looking sconce.  This combo looks very bold and graphic to me with black, white and gray being the dominant colors.

The other option for the walls would be to paint all of the them in Benjamin Moore's Smoke Embers, and have the gold painted pattern on one of the gray walls. This reminds me a bit of Oh Joy's Petal Pusher wallpaper. I think this option would be a bit more delicate, subtle, and feminine looking.  Perhaps a bold leopard print for the seating and a kilim or Persian rug underfoot. In this scenario, gray would be the overwhelming color with the patterns taking center stage.

For the third design board, I went back to the three walls gray and the focal wall black.  The rug is a very neutral moroccan style shag and the seating gets upholstered in a jewel tone velvet.  

There are parts of each design board that I really like, both for the space as a guest room and thinking long term when we would use it as a child's room.

As far as layout goes, remember that the room looks like this:

This is the view standing in the doorway. To the left we have a column for the air vent and the closet and there are windows on the other two walls. Where the bed is in the picture really is the best place for it, even though I like the idea of seeing the bed and the focal wall when you look in the doorway.

The first floor plan with the bed in the current spot looks like this:

Here the dresser sits across the room from the bed.  The chair would go in front of the window with the secretary desk on the small wall next to the air venting.

The other option would be to flip flop the room like this:

I don't love that the bed is part way in front of the window.  It throws off the symmetry which I think would bother me, but you do get a view of the patterned wall from the hallway which I like.

From here, I will decide on a layout, finalize the elements that are still up in the air, and put everything together in a complete design package with a final mood board, floor-plan with resources and a to-do list. Of course you can map everything out on paper and style up mood boards to your heart's content, but the reality is, things evolve and come together while you are actually working in a space. As Brian can certainly attest, I like putting things down, living in the space and adjusting a bit.  I think I've had like five different rug combinations in my living room over the one year that we live here.  Because we are using pieces that we already own it will be easy to make minor adjustments as we go along.

Stay tuned for a post on the final design plan in the next few days.

Master Bedroom Fireplace Before and After

posted on: Friday, March 14, 2014

We have a fireplace in our master bedroom and even though it isn't functional, it's still a really nice element to the space. Perhaps one day we will make it a functional gas burning fireplace, but for now it is a purely decorative and a nice architectural detail.

Here's what it looked like before:

Here is a grainy photo (why is blogger uploading some of my photos so poorly?) after a few coats of paint:

I painted the mantel in Benjamin Moor's Graphite which is what I used on the walls and trim.  I painted the tile in a black high heat paint.  I love the monochromatic look, with the firebox standing out a bit in a true black shade with a bit of a glossy finish to it.  

So step one, is done with that fireplace all painted up.  Let's talk about how to style this baby.

I could go with a large, interesting piece of art:

A large piece of art with an interesting collection of odds and ends on the mantel:

A mirror layered with art, lamps, flowers, etc

Art mixed in with personal/family photos and flowers:

An interesting mix of sculptural pieces and a mirror:

This one is pretty fun.  A collectionof Polaroids and other special objects from Rita Konig's apartment:

Or perhaps a gallery style collection of art with some special objects thrown in:

What do you think?  I like the idea of a large piece of art or a collection of art but also adding in personal photos or special objects.  It's our bedroom, so the space lends itself well to showcasing meaningful pieces and personal and family photos.

Let's Chat About Art 3: Allison Reimus

posted on: Thursday, March 13, 2014

Last May, Brian and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary.  In general, we aren't much for gift giving, and would rather have a nice dinner or plan a fun date together to celebrate holidays. Although this past Valentine's Day we did end up cancelling our fancy dinner plans to order in and watch season 2 of House of Cards in our PJs, so you know, romance!

Wedding anniversaries feel extra special and we liked the idea of commemorating with a special something for us both. The traditional first anniversary gift is paper, so we took a loose interpretation of that and bought our first real piece of original art for our home.  It just so happens that my cousin, Allison Reimus, is an extremely talented artist.

You caught a look at the piece we bought from her on my vanity post the other day.

I LOVE this piece.  Black, gold, chartreuse, spray paint, geometry.  It's like all of my favorite things in one piece of art.  Also, Kelly Wearstler, yes THE Kelly Wearstler liked this work on Allison's tumblr.  I can't even.

Her new stuff just kills me.  I want every one of them.  Just look at the detail.

I think this one might be my absolute favorite.  The colors, the layers, the geometry again.

Check out all of Allison's work on her website, and tumblr.

Oh, and she has the cutest little baby who appreciates art with her.  Check out Henry Goes to Art Shows!

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